Posted by: Ravi | April 21, 2007


“Take the dagger with you”.Mom was shouting at me when I was speeding from the home towards the mountain.I came back home only few minutes back after playing till the sun was at around 190 degrees to my retina.I thought I’d get chided for not making hay to the horses in the stable at the back of my house.But I had forgot that its my birthday tomorrow, purely cause of the time spent in the game I played in the evening. My mom said my gift was waiting on the top of the mountain with a green dot on it, below that single tree which blooms with flowers throughout the year.I thought it was going to be some GM cricket bat or some tennis racquet rapped up and possibly under some burrow.Basically I’m kind of lazy guy and I dont want to carry much with me when I move. So I told mom that I’ll go with a blade there.She told me to go with the dagger.Ok let me go with a dagger itself.I just rolled it in the today’s newspaper.There were lines of Ponting’s fastest double century and some new theory about space.I didnt have the time to read the latter one but I didnt miss the first one ๐Ÿ™‚ .

There was no other go. I’m too tired to climb the mountain and also I’ve to get things for birthday party. I also had night stay at my friend’s home. I cleaned the dust on the seat cover and checked air if it was sufficient to reach there.Hey who got this frog horn on my cycle. Not at all that bad .Oops!! I forgot the key .Its on top of the shelf.I kept it there to take revenge my brother. Ouch !! I hurt my toe when trying to jump over the steps. At last I’m ready to take my first gift of my life. My watch showing 10 mins past six.

Now the watch was 20 mins past six.I forgot to take the hay bag my mom advised to take with me. Lets leave it . I must get the gift in another ten minutes and go to the night stay planned today.

Ten minutes I was just few meters away from the top of the mountain . Brakeless cycle do help you get reach distance in quickest time possible. Oh No .Come on stop this thing quickly that snake is crawling in my path.I cant run over it and then dispose it. I tried to decelerate with my bare foot .At last the cycle stopped just in front of that massive python. No harm done to it.My foot was itching . Lets not bother about that now.We’ve to make it fast man how long !!!.

I cant speed my cycle now cause the cycle is starting to go in the reverse way.I got down from the cycle and clambered my way to the top at last. Man can anyone throw this stupid vehicle down to the valley and get me a new one on my birthday.
On top of the mountain there was no one else other than that white colt tied to the single tree. The rugged terrain has just torn my foot and I was limping towards the beauty.Hey This is just a filly man.I thought it was a colt.Anyway I must move this away and search for my gift.

I started my excavation(?) work from the place where a Sprite can (green color) was left .When I was about to take that can ,it flew down to the valley cause of the wind .Oh God, how am I goin to get my gift when so many green cans are left on the terrain and few precariously perched over the few boulders on the surface.

I thought the gift must be somewhere beneath the ground where the filly is lying.I went and gave a pat on its back to move.Dont know if that is wrong.Never have anyone hit me so badly. I was threwn such a long distance along the ground.My shirt was torn and scratches all over the knees. The foot was bleeding. I barely managed to stand up.

Straight way I went towards that cheap little filly and give a smash right on its face.But then I was taken away by surprise.It had a green dot on its head between those two ears.How did I forgot to see its face ? Ofcourse the full moon is out only now from those passing clouds. Lets leave it. I must get this and get back home quickly.

The horse made a neigh when I tried to cut the rope with my knife.I didnt have any hay to give her.So I thought I’d get some fruits on that tree.I’ve never tasted or intended to .But I’m giving to that horse only no.Lets try.

First lets try with those cans spilled out there.The first can went nowhere closer to the fruit.Pathetic .I must improve fitness before I try get fruits from any tree next time .Next can went straight away into the valley below.Someone there was screaming at me in bad words.The third can .Where did it go ?Oh No .It crashed straight away into the filly’s forehead. I must stop cause I’m sure the next can thrown up would turn up on my head only.

No other go.With that damaged foot I reached the second highest branch from the ground and saw a bunch hanging from the branch over my head. I cut that and threw it down to the filly.The filly was so hungry that it kicked me for this reason only I guess. Think this must do for half an hour before I reach home with this horse and that brakeless cycle.

Oh No again the python .It just fell down on the branch when I cut the fruit . It started moving towards my toes.Come on man why are trying to hurt your saviour. But its a snake a ruthless one.There’s no point in pleading to it.How am I going to escape this ?

I planned to walk towards the tip of the branch .But the end was over the valley.So again I came towards the python.

What next? The one and only way possible was to cut the branch and fall down to save myself. Luckily the knife was good enough to cut the branch before the snake was just few inches away from where I was sitting and cutting my branch.Man what would have happened if I would’ve brought that small blade with me .

I fell down with so much force that when I landed on the Sprite can it went into earth and some sharp thing hit the back of my head.Blood was just starting to trickle from my back of the head. I lost my consciousness for almost 4 hours.

When I woke up I was feeling drowsy and everything appeared blurred to me.My watch was showing 10 mins past 11 I guess.I touched the back of my head if the trickling has stopped or not.It has stopped .I tried to get up and was looking if the filly had any problem.It was just sleeping.I searched for my knife.

Accidentally there were some eight flashy objects on the surface and each in eight directions around my knife.

I just wiped of my eyes with the sleeves of my shirt.They were looking very bright indeed.I’ve never seen them in my life before.I checked my breast pocket and took the paper I’ve used for rolling my knife.

I was wiping more my eyes and tried to read it from the moon light.The theory had some conjectures about the origin of the earth in new ways.And it also included phrases that stars could reach the earth at times and blast the earth.

So this is it. They are the stars. Well I saw blood and flesh to meet stars from space without paying $100 million to NASA or any other space agency. I knew I was heavy. But not this much to bring stars to the surface by just a free fall from the tree . I must start working on my weight .Else who knows I might put an end to the Mother Earth by bringing some other galaxy down on her .

Surprisingly they were murmuring .I reached each of them and listened to them. I found out about their names and they even told me solutions for the problems I presently had at that time.To meet stars from space made me ecstatic first.Now it has made me mad and made me to pinch myself to see if it was reality.The result was my nail’s mark over my forearm . Nothing else. The stars were shining.

Time has flown out like anything . Its 2.00 A.M and surprisingly my wounds got healed by these stars. I must write about all these properties of star . I touched the back of my head . It became normal.I even turned more strong and energetic when I was with these stars.I started throwing them up and then catching back them.It was a funny little experience.Ok how far can I throw these stars upward ? I wanted to test.I moved to the center of the top surface so that I didn’t disturb the horse .

My first throw didn’t go much longer.It came back straight to my hands.Victory !! I didnt hurt my head. Next throw a bit more faster I thought I must throw. But then who gave me so much energy now.I dont know . The star is gone.Its there in the sky waving towards me.Wow !!! How did my arms get so much strength. I wanted to test more of them.

The next two stars crossed the distance than I expected.For a nano second may be the star went towards the moon and created a small shadow over my head.Such a nice feeling to have.

Two more reached the sky when the horse started neighing at 4.00 AM.I took the remaining ones and put them in my breast pocket . Holding my breast pocket with my left hand I ran towards the filly. The python is back in action.It has started coiling around the legs of the filly.I tried removing the snake with my barehands. But in vain I’ve lost my power by throwing all those stars and planned to remove it using the knife.

I went back and got the dagger . I tried removing the constricter but it looked like even a machete could do nothing about this.There’s no other go .I must cut the rope and let free the filly .The snake must leave it when it runs at its best speed.I cut the rope and the filly started running towards the path in hunger and in need of safety.

I thought I had done good to the filly but then I could see some guy with a veil trying to get over it.Hey wait for me you filly .I cant allow that veiled guy take you.Even though this filly was not appealing, my possessiveness made me to run and get hold of the gift slipping away from my hands.

I cant move what has happened to me. The pain is growing and once again bleeding has started in the foot.Shit !!! I threw away my stars for my own defeat.I had only 3 odd stars in my breast pocket.They were saving trickling from my head.The sun has started to rise as you can see in my display pic. The stars are losing their shine in the sun light and their healing power starting to diminish. I must use my best arm power to throw them back into the sky. The stars didnt want to leave me in this situation.But I’ve had good time with them.And I cant make them sacrifice their positions for a simple mortal .The stars were asking me to join them possibly with that filly.I said I’ll give my best shot. And I requested all of them to cross boundaries to help guys with blood trickling from their head.

All of them were thrown into the sky. Drops of tears in my eyes.I feel like blood has stopped bleeding from my foot but has started trickling from my heart . Finally I found what is meant by STAR BIRTHDAY.This is the first STAR BIRTHDAY in my life and probably the first for any human being in the world.I cant forget them and I owe them a lot for healing my wounds.Thanks is just not enough to pay my tribute to them.

I could see the path where the filly and the robber are running. Seems the robber may not find the filly. I must catch the filly and move to my home to cut the cake.I need the cycle. That’s the last option I’m left with.

What is that constrictor doing with my cycle. Hey that is just a plastic frog on the cycle. Oh my God . The snake had got itself and the cycle tumbled off the road into the valley.

Man what can I say about my fate . Why did all this happen to me ? The answer may be the moral of this story



P.S : Well I dont know when I’d write about what happened to the filly , robber and more importantly my birthday party.I’m also eager for that.

The story has been created to illustrate the moral of the story mentioned . All characters are fictional only. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Very nice read da – had a great time visualizing the story ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great post da, so much of thought, imagination and creativity, and reality.. romantic as well, good time readin it, as ooba say very visualisable.. u cud become a movie writer/director. so subtle..

  3. WOW!!talk about creativity!! have to agree with ooba and rags..extremely visual.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. good one ravi!! the story was interesting and had a good pace

  5. nice one da !!! good fiction and nice flow ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. super post ! enjoyed reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. dude,
    this is a “visual fantasy treat ” da.. really very good.. i could really feel the nightfall,dawn etc thanks to the tone you have set in that story.. and to b frank .. this more of exceptional screenplay writing skills which is highly commendable .. cos screenplay is more challenging than story telling…
    just a small suggestion… next time u write such a piece try dividing it into sequels( just 1 or 2) .. it wud b more interesting and since u have the art of keeping us gripped to ur work,it should not be much of a problem to u..
    and reg tht cycle.. machi aayiram vasadhi vandhaalum .. bike, car,airbus , flight,helicopter,spacecraft etc.. CYCLE otra sugame sugam da saamy.. !!!
    on a lighter vein.. englees la onnu solvango.. “THANKING MY LUCKY STARS ” nu.. adhu idhu dhaano??

  8. @ OOBA

    Sorry dude for making a such delayed reply. But yeah thanks .
    And I sincerely request you to write the thriller you narrated in a single flow and in a single sitting in your blog.

    First thanks da. Tell you what I first time how much piracy hurts the creator.
    If it took my active time so much for some 60 odd lines, then I just cant imagine how much it would for a director. Really kudos to every single professional directors out there.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving ur comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanku sam. I hope I make u visit my blog soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks da. I hope u put up very nice ones in your own blog too. I know abt
    ur level of thinking and creativity.

    I’m bored saying thanks to u. So NANRI ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks dude ๐Ÿ™‚ . That was a very special comment to have for the post.
    About the sequel I never said the story is over . So wait for the next part.
    And about cycle naan enna solradhu ‘Annamalaila ‘ Cycle pathi thala oru pattae padiyachu . So cycle is just extraordinary and one of the best ever inventions I consider to be made in the history of man kind.

  9. machi super da,i usually don read these blogs n all da,but this one is simply superb da,a big WOW to u,nice feeling reading this blog da,it never looks to mre like i m reading a blog,its more visualisable da,and the narration s also good da,”I REALLY WALKED THROUGH UR STORY DA”,
    GR8 DA,
    it really encourage me to write a blog as well.

  10. @ vijay prabhu

    Thanks for ur comment and ur visit. That’s a big encouragement for me to
    write much more posts like these

  11. Gr8 one da.. good creativity n thinking… thnx for d interesting one.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thnks da. Pls keep reading and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ . My blog desparately needs that.

  13. Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll do fine. Really. Just fine.

  14. @Neil
    Thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚ …… I’m happy to see strangers appreciate me.. Will release the part 2 soon……

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